7.03.14 "Entomological Research in Mediterranean Forest Ecosytems"


Medinsect-1 (2002) was organized in Rabat (MOROCCO) by the Centre national de Recherche Forestière (CNRF) of Rabat,


Medinsect-2 (2008) was organized in Estoril (PORTUGAL) by the Istituto Nacional de Investigação Agraria - Estação Florestal Nacional (INIA-EFN) of Oeiras,


Medinsect-3 (2012) was organized in Hammamet (TUNISIA) by the Institut National de Recherche en Génie Rural et Eaux et Forets (INRGREF) of Tunis-Ariana, all three jointly with the University of Orléans (France).


Medinsect-4 will be organized by the Süleyman Demirel University-Forestry Faculty, Turkish Forest General Directorate, and the University of Orléans between 09 and 14 April 2014 in Antalya, Turkey.



7.03.06 "Integrated Management of Forest Defoliating insects"


WP 7.03.06 was approved in August, 1992 with the aim to join people interested in the ecology and management of defoliating insects. An informational meeting was organized in 1994 at Hawaii IUFRO meeting, jointly with the WP 7.03.05 on Ecology and Management of Bark and Wood Boring Insects. Further meetings were co-organized with WP 07.03.07 Population dynamics of forest insects:


Aug. 1996 Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia, Aug. 1999 Victoria BC, Canada, Sept. 2002 Krakow, Poland (also with 7.03.10), Sept. 2007 Vienna, Austria (also with 7.03.05), Sept. 2010 Eberswalde, Germany.


The last meeting was held in Palanga/Lithuania, September 10-14, 2012), joint with WP 7.03.10 "Methodology of Forest Insect and Disease Survey in Central Europe".



7.03.01 "Cone and Seed Insects"


This group was founded in 1981 at the XVII IUFRO World Congress in Tokyo. The last two meetings were in 2010 in Seoul (South Korea) and September 2012 in Vilnius Lithuania.